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Tales of a Former Crusader: Acts in the Name of Jesus Leave a comment Read more »

Tales of a Former Crusader: Acts in the Name of Jesus

Adventures in Evangelism By Joseph Ellis A friend and I were recently reflecting on our evangelistic experiences. He recalled a time as a young adult when he and a Christian friend felt compelled to “witness” to the women who would be attending an upcoming Chippendales…

Conservative, Liberal, and Correctness 2 Comments Read more »

Conservative, Liberal, and Correctness

Is there room for a difference? By Joseph Ellis “If people really thought about it they would see that I am right.” There is a prevalent idea that if people thought about something logically, used just a little common sense, they would come to the same conclusions…

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Fear: What Is It Good For?

Absolutely Nothing. By Joseph Ellis Is there a more terrible force on earth than fear? Hatred gives it a good run for the money, as do sociopathic disorders and the like. But fear, like a parasite, is easily transfered from one person to another, destroys…

God Blesses the Good Marketer Leave a comment Read more »

God Blesses the Good Marketer

Marketing success as a sign of God’s blessing in a free market culture. By Joseph Ellis There has been a pervasive myth in Protestantism that sprouted up in Europe shortly after denominationalism really started taking root, but has grown to full maturity in the United…

8 Years Old When The Terrorists Struck: Afghanistan 2001-? 2 Comments Read more »

8 Years Old When The Terrorists Struck: Afghanistan 2001-?

Let’s Bring Our Troops Home. By Joseph Ellis There are many reasons to end our wars abroad. Our men and women are in harms way, the goals are vague, and we face difficult budget decisions. However, something recently struck me when thinking about the war…

Desensitized, But Still Caring 1 Comment Read more »

Desensitized, But Still Caring

Don’t use 3rd world kids to advertise, please. By Joseph Ellis “People just don’t care anymore.” I’ve heard this a few times, usually a reference to my generation; and I suppose that on some level it is deservedly so. I’m of a generation that came…

Logic: The Missing Link 2 Comments Read more »

Logic: The Missing Link

Taking the time to think. By Joseph Ellis “The only way the US can tell another country what to do is by using the force of our military. You’re advocating we go to war for oil???” A Facebook user left this comment for me, and…

Human Trafficking: It's Not Hopeless Leave a comment Read more »

Human Trafficking: It’s Not Hopeless

It’s cliché, but we can make a difference. By Joseph Ellis I just had a great conversation with a friend of mine, and I wanted to write a short something while I’m thinking about it. We began by talking about an article we had both…

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