This blog is about freedom. Freedom to think in whatever ways you’ve always wanted to. It’s about suspending social taboos while you’re on this site, or listening to a podcast, and allowing your mind to explore questions and chase rabbit holes your ordinary life doesn’t allow for. There is nothing that cannot be discussed. I promise it won’t be crude; but I can’t promise that you’ll find any comforting boundaries either.

Freedom to Think….

If you’re already a roamer, then this is a place to share your ideas and have them challenged as well. However, this isn’t a free-wheelin’, fast & loose hippie site where ideas are as thin as the smoke they arrived upon. This is a place for thought and contemplation, and reflection upon who we are and the universe we’re a part of.

So Welcome, and thanks for visiting. Go ahead and poke around; and if you have ideas, or would like to share something on the blog or podcast, please use the contact form on this site and send me a¬†message. You’re welcome to use the comments section as well, but civility is appreciated.