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Arguments Against repeal116.com – Group Against Utah’s Guest Worker Program

The group represented by repeal116.com has been making a lot of noise regarding Utah’s recent passage of HB 116 that institutes a guest worker program. Below are quotes from the website (unless it says otherwise) highlighted in grey, and my counter arguments follow. If a…

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HB 116 – Utah’s Guest Worker Plan – HB116

Utah’s plan for solving some of the social issues surrounding illegal immigration There have been a lot of arguments against HB 116 in recent weeks, and I thought I would address a few of the concerns surrounding this bill. It is one thing to say…

The Modern Slave Trade: Human Trafficking 1 Comment Read more »

The Modern Slave Trade: Human Trafficking

It’s not hopeless It’s as easy as opening our eyes and noticing what is going around us. When many people think of human trafficking they think of Cambodia, Indonesia, or the Sudan, rarely do people realize that it happens in our own cities and neighborhoods.…

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The Signs of Spring

Listen for the Hummmmm We had one of those classic days in Heber today. Woke up to snow, then there was sun, then there was rain, then snow again, and now it’s clear. It was a high of 45 degrees, and it will be 19…

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Utah, Immigrants, and a Tea Party

Utah takes a surprisingly moderate approach toward immigration. By Joseph Ellis Count me as among the surprised by the recent immigration bill passed in Utah (HB116). The tone in this state has always been negative toward illegal immigrants (overwhelmingly Hispanic) ever since I can remember;…