Human Trafficking: It’s Not Hopeless

Human Trafficking: It's Not Hopeless

It’s cliché, but we can make a difference.

By Joseph Ellis

I just had a great conversation with a friend of mine, and I wanted to write a short something while I’m thinking about it. We began by talking about an article we had both read in the Salt Lake Tribune that broke a story about a program called the Human Rights Project shutting down because of increasingly serious threats that were being made to the staff. It is obviously tragic that an organization doing such good in the name of justice and decency would be subject to such intimidation, lawlessness, and injustice. It is appalling and frustrating.

However, the conversation lead us to start talking about what we could do. The problem feels overwhelming and out of reach, but so are a lot of problems. Our country has been facing a lot of issues; and while they are far from solved, it has been a considerable statement to see folks organizing, getting media involvement, and trying to make social change. We have people in this country organizing and pushing change for all sorts of stuff, from illegal immigration to federal spending, people have gotten together and made a ruckus for what they believe in. While I don’t share their beliefs, it has inspired me to ask this: Is there any reason we couldn’t gather people in public support for a cause rooted at the base of human decency, morality, and justice? What this group in Salt Lake City, and numerous others around the world, need is mass public support. From people being aware of what is going on in their neighborhoods, to raising money for these organizations, to gathering publicly in front of the media to gain more awareness, there is something everyone can do. Trafficking thugs can intimidate a few people, but they cannot intimidate us all.

That is all for now, but there will be more to come.

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