Logic: The Missing Link

Logic: The Missing Link

Taking the time to think.

By Joseph Ellis

“The only way the US can tell another country what to do is by using the force of our military. You’re advocating we go to war for oil???” A Facebook user left this comment for me, and immediately I knew she had not understood my original statement. First of all, I hadn’t been talking about countries, I had been talking about companies. Secondly, my suggestion was to not allow U.S. oil to be set at Mid-East prices. Currently, they are allowed to fix the price internationally, even though the cost of producing oil in many other places is a fraction of what it is in Arab countries. We advocate free markets, but when it comes to oil it doesn’t exist, and we all pay the price at the pump.

Now I realize there are legitimate arguments against my comment about free market oil; but to conclude that I was advocating war is an illogical leap in thought. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is too common. People don’t question their assumptions and seemingly follow the first thought that comes to mind instead of thinking through alternative possibilities.

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