Market Regulation: Even Casinos Regulate

Market Regulation: Even Casinos Regulate

Republicans continue to pound the deregulation drum heading into the 2012 election, but what would that actually mean for the various stock and futurist markets? Well, we’ve seen in part what that would do in the past couple years, and it is widely recognized that our economy and the markets would be in worse shape if the government had not stepped in. However, perhaps we should take a look to an industry that gambling is built around: casinos.

If casinos didn’t regulate the gambling and exchange of money in everything from high stakes poker to sports wagers, they wouldn’t make it a week. As a business, casinos monitor these activities very closely and adjust the spread accordingly. Likewise, every casino watches very closely for unfair play and has a zero tolerance for it. Why? Because unfair play, and unregulated bets threaten the very existence of the casino! They rightly recognize this very elementary condition.

So why is it that the United States Government should act any differently? As managers of the casinos, er, I mean markets, they have the duty of regulating these markets to ensure over-all health, viability, and longevity. It seems like a no-brainer.

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