Marketing & Religion: Incompatible Bedfellows

Marketing & Religion: Incompatible Bedfellows

Why Religion Shouldn’t Get Into Marketing: Reason #1

By Joseph Ellis

It’s marketing 101: “The well marketed business is completely customer focused. They identify what the customer wants or needs, and then supply it at a price the customer is prepared to pay. … It means knowing what the customer’s priorities are, and making them your own.”

This is great if you’re Starbucks or McDonald’s, because, if you’re a business like these you don’t hold anything as sacred (aside from profits). McDonald’s doesn’t have any sacred stance on the Big Mac, and if it didn’t sell, they would have no problem changing it, or getting rid of it, in favor of a better selling item. This is all as it should be for a viable business that is trying to expand and be ever more profitable.

However, what if there was an item you were trying to market that is considered sacred or holy? Well, if you want your marketing dollars to work, and you want to expand and be profitable, you better be prepared to nix it. There in lies the problem for religious organizations.

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