Obama: The Land From Which I Was Birth(er)ed

Obama: The Land From Which I Was Birth(er)ed

Obama, Birthers, and The Land That I Love

By Joe Ellis

Presidential elections have been interesting in the last decade to say the least. From Bush/Gore to Obama/McCain/Palin, the field has been rife with stories, debate, and debacle that boggle the mind. Few, however, have reached the brouhaha as the origins of President Obama. I am sure his aids were prepared for a myriad of political and populist onslaughts, but the mass hysteria over his place of birth must have surprised the most cynical members of his campaign team.

Nevertheless, the media’s extraordinary ability to pick up faint and immaterial hearsay never ceases to amaze. It was a story that never should have seen the light of day, much less become a headline; and has since become the stubborn rash in our political crotch that refuses to go away two years latter. With the stage set with more conservative and outlandish characters preparing to make a run for President, this story will inevitably be a mainstay of conversation for the foreseeable future.

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