Perspective, Lying Liars, and Truthiness

Perspective, Lying Liars, and Truthiness

Ever notice how people can have different takes on the exact same event? Yeah, we all know this. Perspective is something we’re all privy to, and yet it’s hard to come by. Our misconceptions, angles, misinformation, and ambitions can cloud any event; but so also can good-intentions, positive belief, or rose colored glasses. In fact, we all fall peril to perspective, or lack there of, at one time or another.

Therein lies the problem with truth, or as Stephen Colbert would say, “Truthiness.” Many times when someone says, “I’m just telling the truth,” or “sayin’ it like it is,” what they’re actually conveying is perspective … or truthiness. It’s not an objective fact, rather it’s the truth as they see it: his hair looks aweful, she’s a loser, this is a horrible color, this taste bad, and on and on. The truth isn’t being told, it’s what a person thinks about something or someone. In this regard honesty becomes the justification for blurting malicious opinion, but it’s far from fact.

Just some perspective on truthiness …

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