The Signs of Spring

The Signs of Spring

Listen for the Hummmmm

We had one of those classic days in Heber today. Woke up to snow, then there was sun, then there was rain, then snow again, and now it’s clear. It was a high of 45 degrees, and it will be 19 degrees as a low tonight. Classic spring weather.

The river that runs through the valley, the Provo, is high with the rain and snow run-off, and it roars majestically alongside the Wasatch Mountains that are equally impressive in their robes of white. In the summer their cornices, chutes, and curves are easily defined by the shadows that fall across the chiseled rock, but now they are giant who indulged in the gluttony of winter’s snow. In the morning they reflect the sun in brilliant glory, like kings in full gown; and in the evening they stand steady, foreboding, and watchfully over the valley.

Grass is beginning to sprout up after crocus paved the way, and tulips ensure winter is not returning. Some of the trees appear optimistic with their buds, but most seem to be waiting for a slightly warmer wind. Birds have begun returning from their vacation in the south, but we wait for the sure sign winter is gone and summer is nigh: the spirit-lifting humming bird.

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