Wanted: Ladies, Gentlemen, Cool Heads, & Moderates

Is there room for a moderate in this nation anymore? Turn on the news and one might think “no.” The reality is that the majority of Americans are exactly that, moderate. So is it possible for the conversation to swing back to that direction? Probably. Soon? Probably not.

Does that mean we should give up and succumb to apathy? Absolutely not! Personally, I use to keep quiet, or change the topic if someone I knew said something outlandish, hateful, and/or ignorant, but I’ve realized that by doing so I was allowing those around me to merely assume I agreed with them. I’m not advocating vehement arguments, but calm, collected, and informed statements of disagreement. There’s no room for name calling, demagoguery, stereotyping, and obfuscating. Let’s distinguish ourselves as Ladies and Gentlemen.

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