Why Tolerate The Liars?

It’s an unfortunate reality, but a politician is a politician. What do I mean? It’s painful, demoralizing, and destructive, but politicians lie, make unrealistic promises, and play games with serious issues. It doesn’t matter what party it is, what their stated religion, or if they are pro-life or pro-choice, they are politicians at the core. They want power, they want to project their version of the world, and they want your vote.

The looming crisis of the debt ceiling is a good case in point. One side says we are running out of time and will wreak financial destruction if we fail to raise the debt limit, the other says we have plenty of money and that the other side is simply trying to scare us. Both can’t be equally true. One side must be wrong, will be wrong, and will probably be reelected in 2012.

Who’s responsible for this nightmare reality? I guess we all are. There are many elections in which an “outsider” runs for office (president or congress), promises to not play “the game” and clean up the office he/she is running for. This candidate almost never wins. Why? Well, maybe it’s because we’re all jaded by the nature of politicians, and we figure everyone is lying. On the other hand, I think deep down we like how our successful politicians play the game, manipulate the system, and achieve the base level results we desired (whether or not it was good for the majority, the underprivileged, or the poor). We put up with it and continue to play the game so long as it’s going good from our point of view, despite lies and empty promises.

I wish there was a positive note to end this post on, but despite our rhetoric of change we seem fairly content without it.

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2 Comments to Why Tolerate The Liars?

  1. Ron Paul doesn’t lie. Ron Paul would be REAL change for the positive. Check his track record. He has stayed consistent for decades – responsible government!

    • That is true, he is consistent. I can’t agree with his positions and many of his suggestions, but he is not a liar.

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