Will we all think alike in heaven?

Will we all think alike in heaven?

Does everyone agree in heaven?

I think I use to assume so. Why wouldn’t everyone agree on everything? Disagreement breeds conflict and that’s something we don’t associate with the perfection heaven implies; but the more I think about this possibility, the more I believe that just can’t be the case. It suggests that either there is no freedom to be or think differently, or that in the presence of God we come face to face with our fallacies and embrace the ultimate truth in all circumstances.

It’s problematic either way. If the first scenario is true then it implies our created differences and unique characteristics are a mistake. God made a mistake when he created us with our individual personalities, creativity, and drive to think. If the second is true, then we are embracing a black and white reality that leaves no shades of grey. It’s a reality that does not allow for creative and different possibilities, and it is a reality that is contrary to the way the universe reveals God to us. Nature suggests infinite creativity, unlimited possibilities, and unbridled ambition. So if we, here and now, Imago Dei, have been given creativity and differences, why would it be any different in heaven?

I suppose there is a third possibility. Perhaps, in heaven, we will not interpret differences of opinion as an assault on our egos. Perhaps we will have the ability to embrace a more profound love, and put that before ourselves. And perhaps we will realize that we can all think quite differently and still worship the same God.

Lastly, maybe we don’t have to wait for heaven for that to be true: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Too many times we take this to mean a rigid reality that coincides with our own narrow beliefs; but I have to think heaven is so much better than that; and I have to think we can experience this presently in our families, churches, schools, and governments. Jesus encompasses all possibilities.

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